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Enhancing our Future with Technology!

am Kala Grice-Dobbins.  I am married to Daniel Dobbins and we have a beautiful baby girl!!  I LOVE my family, teaching, traveling and photography!

I have lived in many of the southern states.  I went to high school at Arab High School and got my undergrad and graduate degrees from The University of Southern Mississippi.  I have a degree in Elementary Ed K-8 with an emphasis in Math and Computer Science.  I also have a masters in Instructional Technology Education.

I taught high school math in Mississippi for 2 years, then 8th grade math and computers for the next 4.  I moved back to Alabama and began teaching 7th grade math here at Sparkman Middle School until 2017-18 school year when I became the 7th and 8th grade technology teacher.  I teach classes such as Photography, Coding, Cyber Security, CNN/Yearbook, & Video Production.

I LOVE to teach middle school students.  I have coached volleyball, bowling, scholars bowl, math team, and science bowl.
All of my classes will utilize Canvas and Google Docs.  The only class that will need supplies is photography and they will need a camera of some type.  I keep my grades up to date in Canvas and email is the best form of communication.  I reply within 24 hours most days.
bout my classroom!
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