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Sparkman Essential 3

The Cougar Creed

I will respect adults, myself, and my peers.

I will be a responsible member of my school and my community.

I will build and maintain positive relationships with my peers and adults.

The Essential 3 Skills for Success at SMS


  • Do not harass others.
  • Follow the school dress code.
  • Do not use vulgar language or profanity.
  • Do not smack your lips, tsk, roll your eyes, or show disrespect with gestures.
  • When going to PE, lunch, morning meetings, etc. walk in a single file line on the right side of the hall with your arms at your sides. Face forward and do not talk. (Quietly go to PE and lunch so we don’t lose instructional time to disturbances in the hallway!)
  • During class changes, walk on the right side of the hall, keeping your hands to yourself.


  • Come to class prepared with supplies and be ready to work.
  • Complete and turn in class work and homework on time.
  • Do not take things that don’t belong to you. Turn in lost and found items to faculty or staff.
  • Cell phones are to be powered off and put away unless you are given permission to use them by a faculty or staff member. You must ask your teacher’s permission to use your phone to text or call friends, parents, siblings, etc.
  • It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the school clean by picking up after themselves.
  • Use good manners in the cafeteria:
    • Do not cut line.
    • Say please and thank you.
    • Do not throw or play with food.
    • Do not bother other people's food.
    • Stay seated until dismissed. No going back through the line, throwing away trash, etc. without your teacher’s permission.
    • Use your inside voice.
    • Clean up after yourself.
    • Throw away trash, even if it doesn't belong to you.
  • Participate in service projects in school and in the community.
  • No matter what the circumstances, always be honest and take responsibility for your actions.
  • Accept that you are going to make mistakes. Learn from them and move on.


  • During discussions, respect other students’ comments, opinions, and ideas.
  • Make eye contact when speaking and listening.
  • Say please, thank you, yes sir/ma'am , no sir/ ma'am.
  • Be a team player and show good sportsmanship.
  • Be helpful without expecting a reward.
  • Accept Rachel’s Challenge
  • Be positive and enjoy life. Some things just aren't worth getting upset over. Focus on the good in your life.
  • Live so that you have no regrets; dream big and go for it.
Character Words of the Week