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How do I schedule a parent/teacher conference? You may set up a conference by contacting one of the guidance counselors.

How do I sign up to receive emails from SMS?

When is Fall Break, Spring Break, Christmas Break, etc. ?

What is the link for iNow Home?

How do I get my password for iNow Home? Contact Nancy Carson at 851-4610 or

How do I enroll my child at Sparkman Middle School?

When are progress reports and report cards sent home?
SMS Report Card Schedule

Report Cards

A report card will be given to students each quarter (9 weeks). It must be signed by a parent/ guardian and returned promptly to the homeroom teacher. Parent conferences may be scheduled with your child's teachers at any time. Call the appropriate counselor for assistance in scheduling.

Progress Reports

Progress reports will be sent home after the third and sixth week of each grading period. See the Madison County Calendar for the exact dates.