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Armstead AAP

I am Gregory Armstead, I am a 21 year retired veteran of the United States Army. I moved to this area after retiring and planned on using my business degree and veteran's preference to find employment on Redstone Arsenal. I joined the SMS staff in February 2012 to have something to do while waiting for the right job to come along.
What I thought was the right job with the right wage has come several times but here I am back for another year of being an ally to young people. Let them know how much you care and you can teach them how much you know. 
Young people are leaning out for love and a sense that they are special. Each child is unique, full of thoughts and ideas. They are searching constantly for human warmth, consideration, and fun.
 I will strive to be an ally to the young people. I will show warmth, treat each child as special and allow the child to play openly, to experiment, to laugh, to kid around, to show their feelings fully within the guidelines of the code of conduct.
I can build very close relationships quickly when children have permission to be themselves, without fear of criticism.