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Alabama teachers are getting creative with these astonishing classroom decorations Over the weekend, we took to Facebook to ask teachers to share the wonderful worlds they created in classrooms throughout Alabama. The responses feature photos that run the gambit of possibilities: from far, distant lands to more familiar, cozy environments.
Take a look below to see what lengths some of Alabama's most dedicated teachers will go to spark the imagination of a young mind through decor.
Please Sign Up for a Parent Canvas Account Sparkman Middle will no longer use the school-wide Remind 101 text messaging service. We will use Canvas announcements in place of the service.
Sign Up Instructions for Parent Canvas Account-

From there you can go into your Notifications settings and setup text notifications for Administrative Alerts.
Sign Up to Round Up Your pocket change has never been so powerful!

Round your utility bill up to the next highest dollar, and that amount will go directly to local schools. The maximum contribution per year is only $12!

Funds go directly to The Schools Foundation, which supports public education in Huntsville, Madison County and the City of Madison.
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